Benefits of Joining the Hutchins Lake Improvement Association

The HLIA, through its leadership who are residents invested in the lake, works to keep Hutchins Lake a wonderful resource that property owners on or around the lake can enjoy. The HLIA does this in several ways:


The HLIA promotes education about water quality, environmental quality and water safety.

Lake Welfare

The HLIA supports issues that concern the welfare of the lake, including working to maintain the quality of the water resources safe for swimming and conducive to their renewal.

Data Collection

The HLIA supports measurements and evaluation of data of the lake so that decisions and actions of the HLIA will benefit the lake and watershed.


The HLIA brings issues of interest affecting the lake residents and users to the attention of governmental entities.


The HLIA endeavors to bring those who live and play on the lake into closer community by sponsoring several fun events throughout the summer. 

Becoming a Member

By becoming a member of the Hutchins Lake Improvement Association, you support efforts to maintain the quality of Hutchins Lake and ensure continued enjoyment of the lake by all people.

Your membership dues help HLIA support the following:

  • Free Summer Day Camp for Children
  • HLIA-led Hutchins Lake Watershed Community Study and Action Team
  • HLIA membership in the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association

With your membership you receive:

  • Bi-annual Newsletters
  • Subscription to the Riparian magazine, if desired
  • HLIA Membership Directory
  • Voice and Voter Rights at the HLIA Annual Meeting

Membership dues are only $30 per year and is tax deductible. A small contribution above the $30 would help meet our budget needs.

To join or pay annual membership dues:

  1. Download the HLIA Membership Application.
  2. Fill out the application and mail it along with you check to the address specified in the form.

You can receive more information by contacting your Area Director or the Treasurer.

HLIA Membership Directory

Send us a message via our Contact page to request an HLIA member directory.  The directory contains names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers for HLIA members.

HLIA Board of Directors

The Hutchins Lake Improvement Association board meets four times a year, along with many sub-committees that meet additional times during the year for special projects. Some of the board members are also assigned to work directly with agency departments within the community, including: The Allegan County Sheriffs Department of Marine Patrol, County Board of Commissioners, Clyde and Ganges Townships, Fennville City Government, The Allegan County Drain Commissioner, Hutchins Lake Board, and The Allegan County Road Commission. In working with these outside agencies, we are able to have open communication and share information with our members.

The HLIA Board of Directors Meetings for 2022 are: 

  • March 15, 2022
  • June 25, 2022 (Annual Meeting)
  • September 13, 2022
  • November 15, 2022

Check for detailed information about location and time.

The Hutchins Lake Improvement Association takes pride in the many committees and programs that we take part in. This is what continues to make Hutchins Lake the quality lake that it is today. (Ex: Michigan Waterfront Alliance and DEQ-Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program).