The Hutchins Lake Improvement Association promotes the environmental quality and wise use of Hutchins Lake and its watershed to preserve the health of the lake community and recreational opportunities for both present and future generations through education, communication, and commitment. Hutchins Lake is in southwest Michigan, near the city of Fennville and the Allegan State Game Area.

HLIA is a member of the Michigan Waterfront Alliance. MWA is a nonprofit corporation formed to protect, serve, and promote wise use of Michigan’s inland waters. MWA is involved in such specific issues as environmental law, riparian doctrine, water rights, and marine safety. Visit www.mwai.org to learn more about the Michigan Waterfront Alliance.

Upcoming Events

HLIA Board Meeting
Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 6:30 pm
In the High School Board Room

Latest News

HLIA Bylaws Updated

The HLIA Bylaws have been revised based on the outcome of the June 27, 2015 Annual Meeting. Visit the Archives page to download the most current bylaws.

Hutchins Lake 2015 Water Quality Report

K&A conducted water quality sampling at a subset of previously monitored in-lake stations to evaluate the current conditions and identify potential sources of pollution. This report summarizes the sampling conducted, results and findings. The report also highlights recommendations for the HLIA based on the 2015 findings and data, as well as from historical sampling. Download the Kieser Water Quality Report (2015).

Hutchins Lake Aerial Photograph

Several copies of the beautiful aerial photograph of Hutchins Lake are still available. To order your copy, contact Gary Holton at 269-561-2054 or gholton1941@gmail.com. The cost of the 20” x 24” photo is $63.00.

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