About Hutchins Lake

Aerial310Coordinates: +42° 34′ 47.28″, -86° 7′ 48.00″
Elevation:  636 Feet
Surface Area:  380 Acres
Maximum Depth:  34 Feet
Mean Depth:  10.1 Feet
Lake Volume:  3,865 Acre-Feet
Shoreline Length:  4.7 Miles
Shoreline Development Factor: 1.7

Fishes of Hutchins Lake

This list is compiled from DNR Fisheries Division studies, fish occurrence in similar lakes in southwestern Michigan, and angler observations.

Alewife (2), Banded Killifish, Black Crappie, Blacknose Shiner, Bluegill, Bluntnose Minnow, Bowfin, Brook Silverside, Brown Bullhead, Central Mudminnow, Channel Catfish (2), Chestnut Lampery (1), Common Carp, Common Shiner, Emerald Shiner, Flathead Catfish, (2), Golden Shiner, Grass Pickeral, Green Sunfish, Johnny Darter, Lake Chubsucker, Lake Sturgeon (2), Largemouth Bass, Northern Logperch, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed, Rock Bass, Sand Shiner, Smallmouth Bass (2), Spotted Gar, Tadpole Madtom, Warmouth, Western, White Sucker, Yellow Bullhead, Yellow Perch

(1) Not supported by collections from lake but assumed present.
(2) Released/planted in lake by private parties; not native to lake.


Aquatic Vegetation Biovolume Map
Depth Contour Map
Sediment Characteristics Map